Woburn - Wells

When: Thursday, 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm

Category: Mixed Age/Life Stage, Empty Nesters, Lexington, Singles 40+


Seeking to add couples and/or singles.

We have met face-to-face and over zoom, but it is best we start again this Fall in-person and go hybrid only if need be. At this point we think to begin weekly but be open to change.

Clearly our basis is a nurturing Christian community.

We study together, pray together, share vulnerably, seek and offer and follow-up to encourage, The goal is to keep maturing in our daily Walks, growing thru good and difficult seasons. We use a combination of Scripture study by reading together and facilitated discussion; and of video discipleship materials agreed beforehand by all.   Likely I will lead and encourage others to share co-facilitating.

We have three families offering open homes.

Based on health and accessibility we may rotate or go hybrid. We enjoy laughter, music, and proposals for outside activities together. Today we are active at the Lexington campus in morning worship, choir, ushering, communion, Shine, Kidstown, Epic, and various adult groups. Why might we add new folks? Really? We believe the HS is active and speaks quietly, intimately, thru the life lessons and perspectives shared.

Iron sharpens iron - constantly.  
Write me.  I look forward to hearing from you.  - Cheryl and Greg Wells
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