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Lexington - Roots 9:15

When Sundays - 9:15 AM to 10:25 AM


How has your one-on-one time with God been lately? Does your relationship with God affect the decisions you make every day?

God’s deep desire is for each of us to thrive, overflowing with the joy, peace, and purpose that only He can give. But we can’t thrive without strong roots and healthy nutrition. If we’re not rooted in God—growing daily in our relationship with Him—then we will be of little use to the world. And if we don’t apply our faith to our lives and relationships, then we will be of little use to God.

Roots is a 10-week experience designed to help you connect with God, live out your faith, and build relationships with people who will join you on the journey.

  • Spend time with God daily, using the scripture passages and reflections in the Mizizi book.
  • Engage in weekly small group discussions to process what you’re learning, encourage one another, hold each other accountable, and have a greater impact collectively than you can as an individual.
  • Go beyond your comfort zone in three additional experiences: prayer, outreach, and serving.

The $10 cost covers the curriculum - learn more at and use the button below to register. In need of a scholarship? Inquire with your campus administrator, and please include the amount you are able to contribute.

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We meet in room 102 in the 2 Militia Drive building from September 29 to December 8.

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