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Not By Sight

Many of us struggle to trust the Lord during times of sorrow or grief. The good news is that we serve a God who is able to identify with us in every way and is with us in our darkest moments. He took on flesh in the person of Jesus Christ and suffered unto death on our behalf so that we might live. Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. This faith is not blind--quite the reverse! Our hope is placed in the finished work of Christ; His death, resurrection and ascension changed everything.

by Kathryn Baldanza on April 06, 2020

Not By Sight

Words and Music by Kathryn Baldanza

Verse 1

I have never known a pain too deep for you to heal me

And you have never seen a place too dark for you to go

You went down into death and then ascended into glory

So I can walk by faith and not by sight

Verse 2

And you will never rest until you’ve rescued all who’ve wandered

And I will never find another comforter like you

Cause you will never fail and you’ve been with me through the fire

So I will walk by faith and not by sight

Chorus 1

Though I wander, still you find me

You are my shelter from the raging sea

When I seek you you draw near to me

And call my name

Verse 3

I give you all I have ‘cause what I have is what’s been given me

And all that you require is a heart that knows its need

Your love will never fade. You bring new mercies every morning

To help me walk by faith and not by sight

Chorus 1

Chorus 2

And I will answer when you call me

And when I falter your hand preserves me

So I will trust you with all I am

And call upon your name

I call your name


Your love will never fade you bring new mercies every morning

So I will walk by faith and not by sight

Yes I will walk by faith and not by sight

I will walk by faith and not by sight

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