Global Awareness Week 2021

Peace and Prosperity for Our Neighbors Near and Far

Global Awareness Week November 14-18, 2021

This year, Global Awareness Week (GAW) will focus on the interconnectedness between local and global communities. In our busy everyday lives, we work and sacrifice for ourselves, our families and our loved ones. We want to provide them with love, with a future and a hope.

Similarly, in our extended community, in the family of God near and far, our sisters and brothers also yearn for safety, for peace, for an opportunity to earn a living, to send their kids to school and live out their dreams with friends and family. During GAW 2021, we’ll look at how we can seek the “Peace and Prosperity of Our Neighbours Near and Far.” Jeremiah 29:7 reminds us to “Work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.”

Join Us for GAW Sunday!

Global Awareness Week 2021 kicks off on Sunday, November 14. We'll have several guest speakers joining us during our Sunday worship service. 

James Misner, World Relief’s Senior VP of Strategic Engagement will help unpack the meaning of Jeremiah 29:7 to help us better understand what it means to seek the peace and prosperity of our neighbors, near and far.

Paul Malkemes (Executive Director) and Christian Grant (Young Life, Boston) from the Boston Project will have an opportunity to share about their ministry in the Boston community, sharing how to work for the well-being of our neighbors near us and how they "neighbor well" in Dorchester.

Matilda Matitha, the World Relief Malawi Country Director, will join us via video from Lilongwe, Malawi to discuss World Relief's efforts in the area and how to seek our neighbor's welfare in a distant southern African nation.

Two Special Whole-Church Webinars

During the week, there will be two All Church Events - webinars held via Zoom for all to attend. Don't miss these incredible presentations!

Wednesday, November 17: 7-8pm

James Misner and the staff of World Relief will discuss “Pursuing Peace and Prosperity in Malawi – Exploring a Holistic Community Development Model." How do professional humanitarian workers make decisions as they assess the assets of a community? Where do they begin? How do they decide to work on food security or housing? On early childhood education or food insecurity? We will have a chance to learn about World Relief’s development model that was applied to the Mzimba district in Malawi, where we have partnered for nearly two decades. Learn about the difference your giving, prayers and support have made.

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Thursday, November 18: 7-8pm

Dr. Gina Zurlo will address “World Christianity: Facts, Figures and Opportunities.” Dr. Zurlo will help us see current mission trends and the move of the center of Christianity from the global north to the global south. What are the implications for our missions strategy and funding models? Dr. Zurlo teaches at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in World Christianity and Mission. She was selected as one of the BBC’s 100 women of 2019 for her research as a scholar of religion and her expertise in religion statistics.

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Work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.

-Jeremiah 29:7

Events During Global Awareness Week 2021

During the week, campus pastors will host a prayer meeting with your campus Global Awareness Week visiting partners. You are welcome to participate in any of these prayer gatherings even if you attend another campus. Let's join in praying for God's kingdom to come to earth.

Do you like to eat? Have you wondered how to make some authentic Asian foods? For fun this year, we’ve invited some of our own Grace Chapel cooks to share some authentic Asian recipes and their skillful cooking techniques. Buy the ingredients in advance and cook alongside us, or watch online and try cooking the dishes later. Grace Chapel can cook!!!

Sunday, November 14

9:15am, 10am, 11am - GAW Sunday (Online or In-Person at any of our 5 campuses during normal worship times)

8-9pm - Campus Partner Prayer (Lexington)
 Event Details

Monday, November 15

5-6pm - Asian Cooking Demo (Chinese Dumplings with Chenny & Sophia) 
Event Details

8-9pm - Campus Partner Prayer (Wilmington) 
Event Details

Tuesday, November 16

5-6pm - Asian Cooking Demo (Thai Chicken Satay & Veggies in Vinegar with Pat & Sam)
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8-9pm - Campus Partner Prayer (East Lexington)
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Wednesday, November 17

9:30-11:00am - Wilmington Bible Study Event with Partners (in-person)

Event Details

5-6pm - Asian Cooking Demo (Filipino Pancit Canton with Andrea)
Event Details

7-8pm - Deep Dive into World Relief Development Model 
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8-9pm - Campus Partner Prayer (Watertown) 
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Thursday, November 18

5-6pm - Asian Cooking Demo (Korean Spicy Pork Belly with Sunny)
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7-8pm - World Christianity: Facts, Figured & Opportunities 
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8-9pm - Campus Partner Prayer (Foxboro) 
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Global Ministry Partners

Todd & Leslie Engelsen - PEER Servants

Leslie and Todd lead a global family of 250 volunteers serving ten global partners who are extending God’s kingdom through microfinance, education, youth empowerment, healthcare and food and water security programs. This fall, PEER Servants celebrated their 30th anniversary. Todd and Leslie are members of our church and worship at the Lexington campus.

Jonathan Grooms - Global Partners in Peace and Development

Jonathan is the co-founder and President of Global Partners in Peace and Development, a ministry which shares God’s love to those in desperate need in 5 countries around the world. For 6 years, Jonathan pastored a church serving refugees fleeing from war and conflict in Amman, Jordan. Married to Heidi, they have 8 children, ages 3 to 14 years old.

Jeff & Judy Heath - Wycliffe Bible Translators

Jeff and Judy have been serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Chad since 1998, helping to bring God’s Word to the 130 language groups of Chad. Judy is part of the Bible translation team for a major Chadian language. Jeff uses computer technology to speed the work of many different translation teams. Both Jeff and Judy are training Africans to carry on this important work. Their two young adult daughters live in the area. The Heath’s will be returning to Chad following Global Awareness Week.

Matilda Matitha - World Relief Malawi Country Director

Matilda has over 20 years of experience in maternal and child health, nutrition and programming to help people achieve their livelihood goals. In a country where only 3% of Malawian women have a college degree, she’s a role model to girls and young women. Matilda enjoys singing and raising chickens.

James Misner - World Relief

James is World Relief’s Senior Vice President of Strategic Engagement. James has been a missions pastor and really loves to help churches and individuals stand with the vulnerable. While in graduate school, James and his wife Sabrina helped launch our Watertown campus. They now make their home with two very energetic children in Maryland.

Uan Wimon - YWAM Thailand, Project L.I.F.E. Foundation

Raised in a Buddhist family in Thailand, Uan loves to help other first generation believers become deeply rooted in Christ. Through her work with the mercy ministries of YWAM, she has frequent opportunities to serve some of the poorest of the poor. Uan will be joining us virtually this week from Bangkok.

Regional Ministry Partners

Liza Cagua-Koo - Emmanuel Gospel Center

Columbian-born, Boston-raised, Liza came to Jesus while attending Harvard. Involved in technology initiatives after graduation, she launched tech and youth worker programs before joining Emmanuel Gospel Center where she’s a systems consultant, committed to social change. She’s a mom to Jacob and Camila.

Bill Henson - Posture Shift Ministries, Inc.

Bill Henson is the founder and president of Posture Shift Ministries, Inc. He’s the creator of several training resources designed to help churches and families better extend Christ’s love to the LGBT+ community. Bill and his wife Kang have two children and make their home in the Houston area.

Beth Kidd - Place of Promise

Called to be a “missionary nurse” in urban America, Beth’s care for those who have experienced “multiple injuries” demonstrates Christ’s love to many who have been forgotten or given up on. She’s the founding director of Place of Promise, a Christian residential program in Lowell. She’s been on the streets and has visited incarcerated individuals for over 46 years.

Paul & Glenna Malkemes - The Boston Project Ministries

Serving 550 families in Dorchester, the Boston Project mobilizes and equips neighbors, volunteers and churches to build strong communities characterized by God’s shalom. Paul and Glenna run a Neighborhood Ministry House, filled with youth and family programs, community organizing initiatives, and volunteer service opportunities.

Global Awareness Week Special Offering for Afghan Resettlement

Just a few months ago, we witnessed thousands of people from Afghanistan fleeing their country. Approximately 55,000 evacuees have been relocated to the U.S. and need help in restarting their lives - securing housing, employment, clothes, food, and school supplies.

Grace Chapel will be working alongside our mission partner Emmanuel Gospel Center and World Relief as they assist 20 families resettling in Greater Boston and around the US. We will be collecting funds and household items, as well as finding volunteers to assist with rides for medical appointments, getting kids registered in school, navigating banks and grocery stores, learning English and other aspects of American life. 

Some needs will be short term and immediate. Longer-term needs will be for friendship, community, and emotional support.

To give to this special offering, click the button below. This will present you with a choice of your local campus. Once you've selected your campus you can choose the GAW Special Offering for Afghan Resettlement from the dropdown menu. 

To give by check, please make checks payable to 'Grace Chapel' and put GAW in the memo line.

Give Now

If you would like to volunteer to provide support to these Afghan families, check out the link below to join the Volunteer Team!

Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to donate needed items for these families, click the link below to sign up to donate:

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