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This week's blog post for Student Ministry leaders who are serving our teens during this time of social distancing.

by Blaire Telford on March 29, 2020

ONE ANOTHER  |  March 30-April 4

This week's spiritual practice is "One Another". What does that even mean? How do you "one-another" one another when we're suppose to stay away from one another? 

"One Another-ing" takes on a variety of different forms in the bible. Serve one another, bear one another's burdens, care for one another, accept one another... 

We focussed on four "one-another"s: love one another, encourage one another, forgive one another, and worship with one another. 

Text Your Students

Each week, we challenge you (within your capacity) to text each one of your small group students at least 1x throughout the week. Whether it’s a quick, “Hey. Was thinking about you. I hope you’re well,” or something that invites a little more conversation, “Hey. Was thinking about you. How can I pray for you and your family today?”  


Here's 3 possible conversation starters if you have a little more time and space to engage with one or a few of your students this week, individually or together over zoom: 

  1. What's the best movie you watched this past week? Should we get online and watch a movie together sometime soon? 
  2. How do you think friendships and relationships have changed since everything is essentially online now? What do you like about it and what do you miss most about seeing people in-person? 
  3. Are you reading anything in the bible right now? Would you be interested in reading something together with a few people from our small group? 
Engage outside the box

Create a photo collage (either you or a kid you recruit may need to weave them together). Here's how you do it...

  1. Start with one person taking a picture of themself engaging with someone in some way outside the photo frame.
  2. Send the picture to the next person in your small group and have that person "respond" in some way and create another way to engage with someone else outside the photo frame. 
  3. Keep sending the photos to the group until everyone has contributed.
  4. Collect all the photos and when you have them, weave them together. 
  5. Post it on our instagram @wearegracestudents

Here's an example from your StuMin staff!

StuMin Staff, One-Another-ing

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