Your Place in God's World

God has given us all a calling. More than our job or career path, our calling is the fulfillment of God’s good purpose for our careers, our families, our communities… our lives. But to find it, we must first hear the call. God’s call.

And it’s not just about the future; it starts today, right here, where you are. You won’t know what God is calling you to do next unless you are being faithful to what God has called you to now. Your calling begins where you are, not where you think you should be.

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Our Commissioning Prayer

To our fellow ministers of the gospel,
called by God to serve him on the front lines of the kingdom:
In the home and the workplace,
In the public square, the neighborhood, and the local church
You are commissioned in Jesus’ name—today and always—to GO

To love and serve the Lord,
To pursue the common good,
To cultivate Christlike character,
To do really good work
To know what’s right and do what’s right
To build up the body of Christ and the next generation of believers
To stand for the vulnerable
To fight for the oppressed
To strengthen families, enrich neighborhoods,
welcome strangers, bless the nations, and proclaim the good news of Jesus

May you know that God has called you
That God is with you
And that God has empowered you
As you are and where you are
For such a time is this

May you arrange the rhythms of your life
So that you may live and move and find your being in God
May you listen to his voice, and respond to his calling
With boldness, courage and compassion
It is for this purpose that you were created

And may God’s kingdom come and his will be done
In your heart, in your home, in your relationships,
In your work, in this city, and in our world
We pray this all for God’s glory, the good of the world, and for our joy
In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen.