Explore Faith

Some things in life can’t be put on the back burner: our health, our finances, the well-being of those we love. God doesn't belong there either. The questions of who Jesus is and what it means to follow him are far too essential not to take seriously... not to engage with first-hand. We can’t simply trust what others have said. We must come to grips with this ourselves. Who he is to you makes all the difference.

We want to help you take the next steps in exploring what it means to follow Jesus for yourself. Explore on your own, or reach out to someone here at Grace.

Spiritual Life

Finding regular time in your day to pray, read scripture, and focus on your spiritual life isn’t easy, but it’s important to growing in your relationship with God. Here are some resources to help.


Being baptized doesn't mean someone has faith all figured out; it just means they've committed to taking many more steps toward Jesus, and seek to honor Him with his/her life. It's an amazing chance to get up in front of family, friends and the local church to say "Yes! I've decided! I will follow Christ!"

Next Baptism


Although it is possible to experience spiritual growth just by attending Grace Chapel, we believe it is a richer and fuller experience when one is fully committed as a member. It's better for you - and it's better for Grace Chapel! You can become a Grace Chapel member by investing 3 hours in the membership process.

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