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What do we mean by deeper, closer, and wider?

We believe that developing a meaningful, transforming relationship with God is central to our purpose as human beings. At our very core, we are meant to know God, to love God, and live in relationship with Him. It's where we find fulfillment, purpose, and become all that we are meant to be - how we live our best lives. And we believe that happens in three ways:

  • Going deeper by growing in our understanding of who God is, and putting Him at the center of our life.

  • Getting closer by being part of a community of people who build each other up in their walk of faith, serving one another, and serving the world together.

  • Reaching wider by sharing the good news, the surprising message of God's grace. That can mean simply sharing our faith, or being the "hands and feet of Jesus" by serving the needs of the world.

Our pastoral staff created this blog as a way to share ideas that will make you think a little more about what "deeper, closer, and wider" means for your life. It's a shared blog, with thoughts and insights that we hope you'll find to be interesting, helpful, and thought-provoking.

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