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Under the Surface: Worship Thoughts

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Last Sunday, our Lexington campus Worship Leader, Trevor Panarello, took a moment between songs to share some thoughts on the meaning of worship.

As we continue to sing this morning, I want to take a moment to encourage you in your worship. I was up last night thinking about the songs we’re singing this morning, and one in particular, Christ Is Enough. I noticed the lyrics contained a lot of I’s and me’s rather than us’s and we’s. And then I remembered how a church-goer once complained to me that the songs we sing in church are too individualistic in their wording. So like any good worship leader, I began to change the lyrics around replacing all the I’s and me’s with us’s and we’s. Low and behold it didn’t fit at all and I managed to ruin the entire rhyme scheme of a great worship song. In that moment I had a conviction about my worship to God.

The words that I sing only begin to scratch the surface of what it means to worship God in spirit and in truth, because true worship comes from a place much deeper than my voice.

Worship essentially has two movements, the first transports us to the second. We sing in order to thank and lament. We pray in order to confess and commune with God. We listen to a sermon in order to be inspired and comforted. As we continue, let’s move our worship to a deeper place within our heart and express to our God His greatness.

A Father's Thoughts on This Fathers' Day

Summary: A father and pastor speaks of both joy and deep sorrow on this Father’s Day after the tragedy of Orlando.

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June 19, 2016. At the close of a full Father’s Day I am feeling very blessed, but as the silence and darkness of night settles in, I find myself in deep sorrow for forty-nine fathers who have lost one reason to celebrate this day. I grieve your loss at the hands of an individual intent on horrific evil one week ago in Orlando.

I grieve too, for other victims in the LGBT community I have known over the last four-and-a-half decades. Friends who died of AIDS. Friends who ended their own lives. Friends who felt every isolating comment and hurtful exclusion, intentional hate, or unintended poor choice of words or actions.

I also grieve for those I have known or just met in passing, young and old, who are dead; not physically, but by the declaration of their own fathers or family. I pray that on this day, fathers would reconcile, accept, and love their LGBT sons and daughters - before some accident, or grief too big to carry, or stranger intent on evil, snatches that opportunity away forever.

I wish that I could give "free Dad hugs" to all who need that embrace, but that is a poor substitute, an insufficient balm. I could not conceive of turning away from any of my children, or the friends who have trusted me to share part of their journey and story... cross-generational, cross-cultural, within both LGBT and non-LGBT communities.

I am sorry for those times when my words and actions have failed you.

I thank you for your willingness to stay engaged in the conversation.

I have had a blessed day, and will not guilt myself out of the pleasure of that knowledge. I am joyful and hopeful for my tomorrows but I will not shield myself from shared sorrows and the deep pain of loss this day now holds for many. I am praying for each of you and all of you while I have an opportunity, as the silence and darkness of night settle in. I am praying for the light. I grieve, but not as one without hope. 

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