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How to Ask Your Boss for 2 Days in August

Summary: You don't need to take vacation time to attend the Summit.

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We hear this all the time: “The Leadership Summit sounds like an interesting event, and I’d love to go, but I just can’t get the time off work.” We understand the dilemma; summer is short, and for those of us with limited vacation time, using it for an event at church can be hard. So we have a solution:

Don’t use vacation time.

Now before you go thinking that the folks at church are telling you to play hooky to attend the Summit, hear us out. Yes, we think the Summit is a valuable – maybe invaluable – use of your time. But it’s not just us: your manager probably thinks so, too.

Here's what a couple of highly successful business leaders have said about the Summit:

“When I was in the corporate world, my firm would send me to leadership development conferences that cost $2,000 and weren’t half as good as the Summit.  If you register by 7/12, it costs just $89.  Please make this investment of your 2 days in expanding your vision for your own leadership skills.” 

“To develop as a team, I use our team’s combined experiences, we read books, and we listen to our employees. But it’s a rare opportunity to leverage the wisdom and experience of today’s top leaders by attending a two day leadership event like the Summit.  It’s the only leadership development conference that I’ve ever seen that brings together such a comprehensive and diverse set of leaders who’ve been strategically selected to help evolve all aspects of great leadership in today’s complex world.”

Talk to your manager about using the Summit as professional development time. You might be surprised at how much they agree. But if you still need help closing the deal, here is some other helpful info that might help:

  • The Summit is 2 days of TED-style talks, interviews, and presentations from some of the leading thinkers in business, leadership, and culture. This year it features John Maxwell, Patrick Lencioni, Alan Mulally, Horst Schulze, Chris McChesney, Dr. Travis Bradberry, Melinda Gates… every voice at the Summit is at the top of their game. Past speakers include people like Jim Collins, Jack Welch, Blake Mycoskie, Bono.... This is a top-tier event, attended by over 100,000 people worldwide.
  • 86% of people who attended the Summit say it improved the quality of their work
  • 81% of people whose supervisor or manager attended the Summit say their supervisor’s leadership improved because of the Summit
  • 83% of attendees say their teamwork improved
  • 83% also said their job satisfaction and productivity increased

Since the event is co-hosted at your church, it’s only $89. Events like this usually cost thousands, and include travel expenses!

The Summit doesn’t just inspire you to get better at what you do, it actually helps you get better at what you do. Leadership makes the difference in any organization; the more good leaders an organization has, the more it can achieve.

So instead of just asking your manager for time to attend the Summit, why not invite them to go with you?

See you both at the Summit.

5 Ways to Make Your Summer Awesome

Summary: Summer in New England is already pretty awesome. Warm weather, barbecues, beach days, trips to Maine... It just can't get any better, right? Think again.

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There’s no better season than summer in New England. Trips to the beach, barbeques, sunset walks around the neighborhood… It just can’t get any better, right?

Think again. Because there’s a lot going on at church in summertime, too! Besides our summer teaching series (did we mention we’re kicking it off with a message on Star Wars?), here are five ways to make your summer even better:

  1. Attend the Global Leadership Summit. It’s a 2-day event with TED-style talks and interviews from leading thinkers both within and outside of the Christian community. And it’s not just for corporate leaders, business executives, or pastors. It’s for anyone who wants to take their next big step towards achieving their goals in life! And if you register by July 12 (and use our host site discount code!), it’s just $89.
  2. Prioritize your devotional life. With less structure to our summer schedule, we let our priorities shift a bit – like less ironing, and more ice cream. But our daily devotional habits shouldn’t be one of them! Looking for new devotional resources? Check out some of the guides we have in our app, Grace Chapel Connect!
  3. Volunteer. Instead of working on your yard (or your tan), make a difference by volunteering, and serving someone else! The Boston Rescue Mission is still looking for volunteers to drop food off at the Mission one Sunday per month, and our Kidstown team is still in need of summer volunteers
  4. Attend a GC@Nite service. We get it: it’s summer, and the outdoors beckons (whether it’s the beach, the lake, or the mountains.) The days are longer, and sometimes you just want to spend the whole weekend outside. So, do it! Wait, did we just tell you to skip church? Nope. Spend your Sunday mornings outside with your family, and give GC@Nite a try – 5:00pm at our Lexington Campus.
  5. Make a new friend. This summer, we’re making it easier to meet new people: church picnics! This summer, each of our locations is having a picnic for anyone who wants to hang out and enjoy some casual summer fun. Check our events calendar for dates and locations at each campus.

We’ve got a lot going on this summer, and we’d love for you to take advantage of it! And remember: shorts and flip flops are appropriate (and encouraged!) summer Sunday attire.

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