Church Governance

Grace Chapel is a congregationally-governed church, led and served by the Board of Elders, who are responsible for providing leadership, guidance, and accountability for the overall ministry of Grace Chapel. This group includes lay leaders who are elected at our Annual Meeting, and our Senior and Executive Pastors.

Candidate for Executive Pastor

Mark MacDonald

Nominees for Church Offices

Nominating Committee for 2019:
Priscilla Seuss (elder co-chair), Cynthia Fantasia (elder co-chair), Susan Corbett (LEX), John Dorr (WIL), Bonnie Doremus (WIL), Craig Lillehei (WAT)

4 open Elder positions:
Don Jin, Troy Stanfield, Belle Liang and Adonis Vidu

2 Elder renewals:
Priscilla Seuss and Cynthia Fantasia

Recommendations for the 4 open Elder positions:
Eric Bergstrom (WIL), Andrea Dacayanan (LEX), Brenda Messervy (LEX), Victor Roman (FOX)

Nominating Committee:
Current team for 2019-2020: Priscilla Seuss, Cynthia Fantasia, Craig Lillehei
New nominations: Kent Morsch (LEX), Susan Maina (WIL), Don Vinh (ELX)

Audit Committee:
Renato Zeppi (returning) – proposed Chair
Russ Ayan- appointed in 2018- returning
Lucy Marchese- new nomination for 3 years

Sandy Smith - 3 years- returning

Amy Warfield - 3 years-returning



Audited Financials for 2018

The Grace Chapel Audit Committee is pleased to share the results of this year’s audit with the congregation.

We engaged the accounting firm of Capin Crouse LLP, which specializes in non-profit organizations --particularly churches. After conducting their full audit and review, they found that the Grace Chapel financial statements accurately reflect the financial position of the church in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. Using the Capin Crouse benchmark data of similar church organizations, they further represented that the financial position of the church is strong and healthy.

We would like to thank Bill Burke, Chris Guerriero and the rest of their team for their support of the audit and their high quality work in managing our finances for the betterment of the Kingdom.