Our Lent 2018 Teaching Series: Broken

Something, somewhere, is broken.

 The headlines scream it, and our own hearts whisper the questions: What is wrong with the world? And can it ever be made right? 

In the ancient days of Israel, a few men tried to answer these questions, with holy messages of rebuke, repentance, and—ultimately—hope. They were known as prophets. And during Lent, we have the opportunity to reflect on their words for our damaged world.

The season of Lent on the Christian calendar began as a reflection of Jesus’ 40 days of fasting in preparation for Easter. Traditionally, it’s a season of penitence and reflection; we’ve all heard of “giving something up for Lent.” And while Lent ends with the joyful celebration of Holy Week, it begins with Ash Wednesday.

We invite you to come join us any Sunday, as we explore the brokenness in our own lives and the world around us, and look ahead to find the hope we have in the Resurrection of Jesus. 

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