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    Mission Statement:

    REACH is a multi-campus grass roots ministry that seeks to build relationships with refugees and focuses on the areas of advocacy, care and hospitality for refugees. We also aim to raise awareness among our congregants and provide opportunities for them to get involved and to learn more, for the sake of further engagement with refugees in Greater Boston and the surrounding areas.


    Increasing relationships with refugees that lead to: justice serving, life giving, community building, heart transforming encounters with each other and with the person of Jesus Christ.


    Why Refugees? Because JESUS was a refugee. This was the story of Jesus, the refugee child and his family. (Matt. 2:13) And, because Jesus said that when we serve refugees, we are serving Him. (Matt. 25:37-40)

    Why Us? Because…He suffered outside the camp. We must also, then go, to him who is outside the camp. (Heb. 13:11-13)


    For current events and the most up to date information, visit the REACH website.

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