New Life Home for Women and Children

    May 16, 2016 |

    Benjamin and Victoria Adler

    ministry focus: health

    Manchester, New Hampshire – New Life is a home for transformations. It is a place for women to start over, to renew their lives. A voluntary, residential treatment facility like few others, the Home’s mission is to come alongside women with alcohol/drug dependencies, abusive relationships, and destructive lifestyles. The goal is to rebuild and restore broken lives in an atmosphere of hope and trust.  The method is to deal with the individual’s whole being; body, soul, and spirit. The program takes a holistic approach, dealing not only with the obvious dependency issues, but also with fundamental issues of self-esteem and the ability to manage family, household, and employment. Through peer support, a loving staff, and strong leadership, the women enter into a partnership to put their lives back together so they can enjoy a self-sufficient and productive life in today’s society.

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