Jimmy Su

    Jun 5, 2016 |

    Jimmy Su landed in America from Taiwan after traveling in his mother's arms as an 8-month-old piece of carry-on luggage. He grew up all over the U.S., going from NY to CA to KY to MD to NY again and finally ended up in MA where he works as a structural engineer to ensure that buildings don't fall down. He also strives to harmonize the role of husband and father with service in the church and community. 

    His faith journey has taken him through immigrant/ethnic churches, campus fellowships, and larger metropolitan churches, developing a passion for communicating the essential truth of God's message with honesty and relevance to the particular person/s.

    He lives in Medford with his wife Vivian, who manages a very full family life with two boys, Jasper and Cooper. The family enjoys various sports such as soccer and lacrosse (Jimmy is also an avid UK basketball fan), music of all kinds, and the kind of humor that only a house with 3 boys (Jimmy being one of them) can generate, and Mom must tolerate.

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