Boston Rescue Mission

    May 16, 2016 |

    John Samaan

    ministry focus: freedom

    Boston, Massachusetts – The Boston Rescue Mission, established in 1899, has been the love of God through Jesus Christ for people who are poor, struggling with many life and addiction challenges, and homeless for more than 115 years. We strive to create a healing community where the poor are nourished, lives at risk are transformed and homelessness is both prevented and ended. An array of programs provides hot meals, warm and safe shelter, transitional and recovery programs and critically needed services for men and women who are homeless, hungry, in recovery from addiction, veterans, and others in need. For more than 23 years, Rev. John Samaan has led the Mission and a core team of dedicated staff through the challenging and rewarding work of bringing God’s love to those seeking healing. Rev. Samaan has served people in need in Boston, previously in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles, and growing up in the slums of Alexandria in Egypt. Along the way, Rev. Samaan has collected degrees in Engineering, Business Administration, and Divinity, authored the book Parables to Live By, and received recognition from local mayors, state legislatures, and the U.S. President and Vice President. Your prayers and support for this ministry are deeply appreciated.

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