2022 Annual Celebration

June 12, 2022

About our Annual Celebration

Join us on June 12 at 12:30 at our Lexington campus for a celebration of the past ministry year! This event (also known as our Annual Meeting) will celebrate God's work in our church community over the past year, and look forward to the ministry year to come. Come see and hear about all of the ways God has impacted people’s lives and ministries at Grace Chapel. If you have ever wondered why it’s important to be a part of a church community, or what is actually going on in all of our ministries, then this is the place to be.

Following a time of celebration and worship, we'll attend to the business of the church - voting on elected positions and approving the new budget for the upcoming year. All members of Grace Chapel are eligible to participate in voting on these matters.

We will be live streaming the Annual Celebration on this page as well for those who cannot attend in person.

2022 Voting Results

All motions were approved from the 2022 Ballot. Final results below:

Question 1: To approve 2021 meeting minutes
  • Yes - 547 (99.5%)
  • No - 3 (0.5%)
Question 2: To approve nominees for 2022
  • Yes - 543 (99.1%)
  • No - 5 (0.9%)
Question 3: To approve budget for upcoming year
  • Yes - 529 (96.9%)
  • No - 17 (3.1%)

Download the 2022 Annual Report

This year's annual report is available in a downloadable PDF format, perfect for printing, or in an interactive digital flip book format. Click below to download.

PDF DOWNLOADDigital Flip Book

2022 Annual Celebration Video


During our annual meeting, we open the floor for anyone to ask questions about ministry planning or operations. If you're unable to attend in person but have a question you'd like answered during the meeting, let us know by sending your questions to 

Answers will be posted here once they become available.

2022 Nominees for Church Offices 

An important part of our Annual Meeting process is to learn about the nominees for church offices. Grace Chapel members serve in a number of leadership roles such as Elders, who provide oversight of Grace Chapel's ministry and strategic direction; Audit Committee, which ensures the financial integrity of our resources; and operational roles such as Moderator and Clerk. This year's candidates are listed below:

Nominations Committee Members:

  • Andrea Dacayanan- Co- Chair- Lexington Campus
  • Daniel Mitchell- Co-chair- Wilmington Campus
  • Elise Rowley- second year of two- Lexington Campus
  • Barb Herrmann- first year of one- Foxboro Campus
  • Ginny Clapp- first year of two- Wilmington Campus
  • Joan Christel- first year of two – Watertown Campus

Audit Committee:

  • Jim Citro- Chair- third year of three- Lexington Campus
  • Tofunmi Ochi- second year of three – Lexington Campus
  • Tim Nelson- first year of three- Foxboro Campus


  • Bob Williams – 3 years - Lexington Campus


  • Susan Maina- 3 years- Wilmington Campus
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