Questions God Asks: Summer 2013
An intro to our Summer 2013 Teaching Series, "Questions God Asks."

Good questions have a way of revealing what is true. When we ask people good questions, we discover important things about their world view, and how they see themselves. When good questions are asked of us, we confront the truth about ourselves. Sometimes this truth is liberating, sometimes challenging, but it’s always revealing.

Throughout the scriptures we encounter a God who asks people good, insightful questions: questions about their priorities, their decisions, their outlook on themselves, and their understanding of God. Through the process, God allows people a chance to challenge their own answers, bringing them to greater clarity at important moments in their lives. If we allow God to ask us these same questions, we can wrestle with our own answers. And in the process, we’ll discover who it is we are truly meant to be.

This 7-week series begins July 14th.

Sermon title: "Where Are You?" Teaching Pastor: Bryan Wilkerson, Senior Pastor
Sermon title: "What is that in your hand?" Teaching Pastor: Tom VanAntwerp, Wilmington Campus Pastor
Sermon title: "Do You want to Get Well?" Teaching Pastor: Dana Baker, Pastor of Multicultural Ministries and Prayer
Sermon title: "Do You Love Me?" Teaching Pastor: Bryan Wilkerson, Senior Pastor
Sermon title: "What Does God Expect of Us?" Teaching Pastor: Richard Stearns, President, World Vision
Sermon title: "Do You Want to Leave, Too?" Teaching Pastor: Dave Ripper, Pastor, Young Adult Ministries
Sermon title: "Where have you come from, and where are you going?" Teaching Pastor: Bryan Wilkerson, Senior Pastor
Sermon title: "What is your name?" Teaching Pastor: Jeanette Yep, Pastor, Global and Regional Outreach

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