An enigma is something puzzling, that we have a hard time wrapping our minds around. Life, definitely, can feel like an enigma at times. In Ecclesiastes, we learn from the teacher that the best way to deal with enigma is to face it head on, to name it, question it and to wait on God as God reveals His good purposes in it.

Through Meaningless, our five-week sermon series about the book of Ecclesiastes, we invite you to reflect as we explore both the promise and the trap of these areas our lives and of our society - control, pleasure, ambition, and wisdom – that often leave us as puzzled as they bring us joy.

Come join us any Sunday at any of our five locations: Lexington, Wilmington, Watertown, East Lexington, or Foxboro. If you can't make it in person, you can watch us online

First time here?

If you're unfamiliar with protestant church services or Christian worship, here's a description of what you can expect....

All of our services are a little over an hour long.
We start with a time of singing together as a congregation, with music that varies in style across our locations. Most of our worship is upbeat and modern, though the 9:15am service in Lexington features more traditional music. We also offer an acoustic-style venue in the Courtyard venue at our Lexington campus.

We're led in times of prayer and reflection by a pastor.
Prayer helps us orient our hearts and minds towards God. It's an important part of our Sunday morning experience. 

We take an offering. 
Our offering goes to support our church and the work of our ministry partners. If it's your first time at Grace Chapel, take a moment to fill out a Connection Card, and let that be your offering.

We hear a sermon.
Our sermons are about 25 minutes long, and are thought-provoking and relevant; we hope they inspire you and provide practical guidance for the rest of your week. You can hear past sermons online to get a sense for what our teaching is like. Most Sundays, our entire church hears the same message, which is delivered in Lexington and simultaneously streamed via video feed to our other locations. 

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