Church Governance

Grace Chapel is a congregationally-governed church, led and served by the Board of Elders, who are responsible for providing leadership, guidance, and accountability for the overall ministry of Grace Chapel. This group includes lay leaders who are elected at our Annual Meeting, and our Senior and Executive Pastors.



Nominations for Church Offices

In addition to the position of elder, lay leaders within our congregation serve in other elected positions. Candidates for these positions are nominated by individuals within our congregation, and elected my the members of the congregation at the Annual Meeting in June. 

Our 2017 Nominating Committee has nominated the following members to serve in the role of Elder (4-year term), on our Nominating Committee (1-year term), on our Audit Committee (1-year term), as Moderator (1-year term), and as Clerk (1-year term).  These voluntary positions are an important way to serve in the life of our church! If you have any questions about the nominating process, send an email to

Elder: Troy Stanfield (second term)

Nominating Committee: Sue Corbett, Lexington Campus; Bonnie Doremus, Wilmington Campus; Gerald Ng, Watertown Campus; Emanuel Tucker, Lexington Campus

Audit Committee: Eric Bergstrom; Larry Warfield; Renato Zeppi

Clerk: Abby Baird

Moderator: Cynthia Parker

More information on our governance can be found in our bylaws. For detailed information on Grace Chapel’s finances, please refer to Grace Chapel’s audited financial statements. (2017 Audited financial statements will be available soon.)